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Pangos All-Midwest Frosh/Soph Top 40 Rankings

Ahamed Bynum (bottom, third left) was named Cream of the Crop Top 30 Game MOP after scoring 30 points on 10-of-17 shooting from the field to lead the White Team to a 85-79 win over the Black Team at the Pangos All-Midwest Frosh/Soph Camp. Patrick Baldwin (top, third left) was named camp MOP for the second consecutive season.

We took in all the sessions of the 2018 Pangos All-Midwest Frosh/Soph Camp at The Park District (La Grange, Ill.) this past weekend and broke down our notes and evaluations to rank the top forty players in attendance. 

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The following rankings are based on evaluations of all 220 campers from all the sessions, not just the two Cream of the Crop All-Star Games. The following rankings are based on performance at the camp only, not on performance combined with previous honors, national or state player rankings. They are also ranked with actual performance in mind, not a player’s potential as a college prospect. Some players did not participate in every session of the camp and in some instances that altered the rankings. The camp had a plethora of solid wings and forwards, and the Top 10 players in the Top All-Star game were clearly the best players in the camp, with only a few exceptions. Keep in mind point guards, or players with the ball in their hands, tend to dominate showcase settings such as the Pangos Frosh/Soph Camp (s).

1Patrick Baldwin Jr.20216'9FSussex Hamilton (WI)
2Chase Courbat20216'9FCedar Falls (IA)
3Jaylen Drane20226'2GSimeon
4Ahamad Bynum20216'2GSimeon
5Jalen Washington20226'7FGary Westide (IN)
6Anton Brookshire20216'2GSpringfield Kickapoo (MO)
7J.R. Konieczny20216'6FSouth Bend St. Joseph (IN)
8Sekou Kalle20216'10CLouisville Aspire Academy (KY)
9Khamari Lands20226'6FLa Porte La Lumiere (IN)
10Michael Duax20216'5FHempstead Dubuque (IA)
11Brandon Weston20216'6FLake Forest Academy
12Sekou Gassama20216'10FSt. Louis Desmet (MO)
13Tyrese Hunter20215'11GRacine St. Catherine's (WI)
14Grant Newell20216'6FWhitney Young
15Jadin Johnson20216'4GCouncil Bluffs Lincoln (IA)
16Chrishawn Christmas20216'4GGary Westide (IN)
17Isaac Haney20216'0GDora (MO)
18Tevin Smith20216'3GDanville
19Kobe Bufkin20216'3GGrand Rapids Christian (MI)
20Delon Zollicoffer-White20216'4GMilwaukee Rufus King (WI)
21A.J. Casey20226'8FSimeon
22Caleb Schlaak20216'6FCedar Rapids Kennedy (IA)
23Curt Hopf20216'7FFerdinand Forest Park (IL)
24Calvin Schmeiling20216'4GMilwaukee University (WI)
25Leland Walker20225'10GIndianapolis North Central (IN)
26Ben Loverude20216'4FDes Moines Christian (IA)
27Jason Brower20216'8FWayland Union (MI)
28Jaylin Gibson20216'3GEvanston
29Byron Hobbs Jr.20226'3GHyde Park
30Trey Shearer20215'11GMontezuma (IA)
31Rocco Muratori20216'11CWest Lafayette (IN)
32Philip Holmes20216'7FSimeon
33Kaden Stork20226'4GBloomington University
34Cassius Brooks20215'10GCurie
35Sean Jones20225'9GGahanna Lincoln (OH)
36Kai Evans20216'2GLombard Montini Catholic
37Jack Pronger20216'6FSt. Louis MICDS (MO)
38Najashi Tolefree20226'3FCentral West Allis (WI)
39Jermel Grigsby20216'5FCurie
40Brock Wakefield20216'2GAnnapolis South Iron (MO)

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