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Pangos Frosh/Soph: Top 60 Rankings

Isa Silva, Richard Isaacs, T.J. Wainwright and Devin Askew (L-R) were standout guards throughout the 2018 Pangos All-West Frosh/Soph Camp. Silva was the top true point, while Askew was the top scoring point. Isaacs was the top-rated freshman guard and Wainwright was one of the best outside shooters among over 210 plus campers. Photo: Scott Kurtz

We took in all the sessions of the 2018 Pangos All-West Frosh/Soph Camp at Westminster (Calif.) High School over the weekend and broke down our notes and evaluations to rank the top sixty players in attendance. 

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The following rankings are based on evaluations of over 210 campers from all the sessions, not just the two Cream of the Crop All-Star Games. The following rankings are based on performance at the camp only, not on performance combined with previous honors, national or state player rankings. They are also ranked with actual performance in mind, not a player’s potential as a college prospect. Some players did not participate in every session of the camp and in some instances that altered the rankings. The camp was extremely deep in terms of numbers and was one of the most talent-laden group of guards at a All-West Frosh/Soph Camps in recent memory. There were plenty of candidates deserving of making the Top 60 game who did not and a significant drop off in talent-level among the bottom portion of participants and teams in this camp. Keep in mind guards tend to dominate showcase settings such as the Pangos Frosh/Soph Camp(s) and that was clearly the case in the Top 30 all-star game.

1Devin Askew20216'4PGMater Dei
2Isa Silva20216'3PGJesuit
3Richard "Pop Pop" Isaacs Jr.20226'1PGCoronado (NV)
4Joseph "Jo Jo" Hunter20226'3SGSan Joaquin Memorial
5Wilhelm Breidenbach20216'8CMater Dei
6Zaon Collins20216'0PGBishop Gorman (NV)
7Kijani Wright20226'8PFWindward
8Jahmai Mashack20216'4SGEtiwanda
9Kennedy Reese Dixon20216'4SFDorsey
10Anthony Swift20216'5SFDesert Pines (NV)
11Tsalta "T.J." Wainwright20216'1SGSanta Monica
12Christian Moore20226'4SGBrentwood
13Jason Hart Jr.20226'0PGDorsey
14John Christofilis20216'4SGO'Dea (WA)
15Mike Anderson20215'10PGRoman Catholic (PA)
16Davion Wright20226'1SGFranklin
17Nicholas Davidson20216'8PFSanta Margarita
18Henri Adrissa20226'10CCrossroads
19D.J. Allen20216'5SFMary Star
20Keith Higgins Jr.20216'2PGChaminade
21Chris Howell20216'6SGSan Marcos
22K.J. Simpson20216'2SGChaminade
23Frankie Collins20216'1PGClark (NV)
24De'Vontes Cobbs20226'3SFShadow Mountain (AZ)
25Marsalis Roberson20216'4SFBishop O'Dowd
26Grant Hull20216'5SFGridley
27Myles Phillips20215'11PGBothell (WA)
28Aaron Burgin Jr.20216'2PGSan Diego
29D.J. Johnson20216'5SFMoreau Catholic
30Milos Uzan20216'1SGDesert Pines (NV)
31Jaden Phillips20216'3SGFoothill
32Paxton Burzell20216'7SFJSerra
33Deiman Reyes Cassiani20216'9PFVeritas Prep
34Christian Bento20216'11CGreat Oak
35Jaden Alexander20216'3SGSt. Vincent-St. Patrick
36Kyle Frelow20216'6PFHeritage Christian
37Brendan Terry20216'6SFCrossroads
38Dylan Andrews20226'1PGWindward
39Randi Ovalle20226'7SFSan Gabriel Academy
40Jayden Byers20216'0PGRancho Christian
41Derrick Nettles20216'6PFRancho Verde
42Julian Hammond20216'1SGCherry Creek (CO)
43Luke Turner20216'6SFRancho Christian
44Ben Shtolzberg20226'2SGSO Notre Dame
45Dave Elliott20215'11PGBirmingham
46Isaac Peralta20225'11PGMater Dei
47Devon Arlington20226'2PGSan Marcos
48Daniel Rouzan20216'7PFBishop Gorman (NV)
49Xavier Edmonds20236'6PFLos Angeles
50Rashawn Wilson20215'8PGDenver East (CO)
51Harry Honery20216'8SFMater Dei
52Jonathan McCullough20216'2SGHesperia
53Brandon Richard20216'6PFWindward
54Jacquan Parchment20216'0SGHeritage Christian
55Aiden Burke20226'2PGMitty
56Chris Fan20216'8PFModesto Christian
57Devin Newsome20226'0PGSan Joaquin Memorial
58T.J. Humammad20215'9PGCrossroads
59Damion McDowell20216'5SFDorsey
60Chris Washington20216'3SGSt. John Bosco

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